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About Family Lending Services

FamilyLendingServices is not a direct lender; we provide a service that aims to quickly connect customers with lenders that offer loans that may work for them. Over the years FamilyLendingServices has built a vast network of lending partners who are able to provide customers with loans between $200 and $50,000. Many customers use short term loans to help with a wide range of emergency expenses. Unlike traditional personal loan stores, FamilyLendingServices provides customers with a way to borrow money online without going into a store or waiting in line.

The online loan process is easy with FamilyLendingServices. Customers visit, and fill out our online loan request form. The loan request process is quick, usually taking less than five minutes to complete from start to finish. Our lending partners do require certain personal information including your social security number, banking information, and so on. To learn how FamilyLendingServices uses your personal information visit our Privacy Policy. Once you submit the online form your information is transferred to our servers using 256bit SSL encryption to keep your informaiton safe.

After you submit your loan request, FamilyLendingServices will attempt to connect you with a lending partner that may offer a loan that may work for you. If we are able to connect you with a lending partner, after you agree to all the relevant loan documents, you may be able to receive your funds in as quickly as one business day. If we cannot find a loan offer for you, we may pass some limited information about you to our marketing partners so you can receive offers for credit repair, debt relief or other services that you may want to consider.

FamilyLendingServices customers should always borrow responsibly. FamilyLendingServices is not a lender, and cannot answer questions regarding your loan. Please review the terms of your loan before accepting. Review interest rates, and be aware of your due date. Should you have any questions about your loan, please contact the lending partner directly.

If you have any questions regarding our services please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page and if an answer to your question is not located there, please contact us here.